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About PCC


“Pristina City Center” is an investment company, a leader in the field of construction with architectural projects of the last trends. We operate in Kosovo, respectively in the center of Pristina.

Our goal is to contribute towards building a more stable community and with a unique design, representing ourselves as a partner of the private sector working in that works for the public interest.

Building values exceeds time and is dedicated to the clients, shareholders, employees and partners, as well as society in general.


PCC is an investment company that contracts powerful construction firms aiming the development of unique projects of modern architecture.


The completed project, consists in a large space and high floors created through an efficient usage of the underground space, enriched with modern architecture. It is entirely in service of Administration 1, the Shopping Center and the Residents.


The project we have completed, owns a well-thought space to suit every requirement of the business administration and it is enriched with commercial units, high standards and underground parking.


The “Shopping Center” project is designed according to the contemporary requirements of customers and business providers. With an extraordinary capacity, it’s architecture and design are created in a unique way and in accordance with modern standards.


A project that will be completed soon, with the highest floors in the Balcans, in the center of Kosovo’s capital – Pristina, an outstanding architecture and high standards, including underground parking and proximity with the Shopping Center